I Can See You Desire Even More
Here we are, again, together, searching even more deeply. Perhaps I need to keep some distance between us so that I can remain nimble, always on the move, keep my perspective. But no, I can see you are earnest, and I cannot deny your inner longings in good conscience. I will satisfy you.

I began my career working in the craven world of direct-mail catalogs. Sometimes in four color. Sure it was adventurous, but I craved more — always MORE! I began designing interfaces for "multimedia" products. I was tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of keeping track of up to 256 colors at a time. It was grueling, but the payoff was incredible. I could make things move, oftentimes merely by moving my "cursor" to be on top of a "sprite." I felt as if nothing could stop me. I was dangerously desirable.

Then I went back to school to finish up my BFA. This was a dark time, which was not marked by drunken bacchanalian parties. Mostly I stayed up until 3 a.m. drawing while watching the Discovery channel, and sometimes working on freelance projects. This was my blue period, only without the color.

Upon graduation I was flung headfirst back into the world of "CD-ROMs," which looked like CDs, but they contained really boring computer games, and you had to buy an external CD drive to use them. I then moved onto the web. The big "I." The Internet! This was a lot like CD-ROMs except that 1) you were not allowed to make the pictures look good, 2) only horribly ugly fonts could be used, 3) the only movement involved epileptic-fit-inducing flashing and 4) people referred to images on an electronic video screen as if they were paper which could be folded in half to measure how much somebody would read. These were mesmerizingly dim times. I found it very exciting to be a part of something "right at the beginning," which meant about 5 years after it began. This was my sexiest and most cantankerous time.

Eventually, I worked my way up to be an Art Director in that crazy world, and loved it for a number of years. I managed a couple very talented visual designers. Then I found that my passion was leaning back towards my original interests: making things move, figuring out how they should work. I made the switch to become an Information Architect (a sort of cross between a librarian and a city building inspector), and I have never looked back. Well, I mean, sure, I've peeked over my shoulder. And sometimes I still do a freelance visual design project here and there to amuse myself.

I consider myself fluent in both visual design and interaction design, but interaction design is where my heart currently lies. Unless you need a t-shirt for your band, in which case that sounds kind of fun, so yeah, give me a call.

email me at kevin dot barrack at jee male dot calm email me at kevin dot barrack at jee male dot calm

email me at kevin dot barrack at jee male dot calm