My App Concept: Visual & Interaction Design
I came up with the concept for this simple app, which allows the user to photograph a banana, indicate how ripe they want it to be for them to want to eat it, and the app would calculate how many days it would take before it was ripe enough.

Originally, I thought that the user should just indicate via some control how unripe the banana they were looking at was, but this seemed a bit clunky and not so much fun. I wanted this app to be as fun as possible, since it was admittedly a bit silly. How to make it fun but still keep it usable was a visual challenge.

I decided that it would be simplest if the app let the user simply photograph the banana in question and automatically determine its ripeness based on a color matching algorithm. To keep things fun, I put a monkey swinging (animated) from the photo button, and used festive vines and bright colors. When the user slides the "What I Want" (for ripeness) slider, the banana below it will regress or age, which could be a fun thing to play with, watching it crumple up into a black heap. If the user says they want the banana to be less ripe than the actual banana is, then they get a kookie message like "Aaaaaaagh! It's already too late!" They'd get other goofy messages if they took a photo of their blue t-shirt too.