iPhone & BlackBerry Mobile Design Projects
Sample wireframes (PDF, 1.2 mb)
I designed 3 mobile projects for Rearden. The largest, the iPhone flight check-in project allowed users to check into the flight at the gate using a bar code displayed on their iPhone. the iPhone Push project enabled the Mobile Rearden Personal Assistant to receive travel notifications pushed to it, and the Flights Notifications Enhancements project allowed additional types of notifications to be displayed to the user.

All 3 of these projects presented the challenge of where to put this additional information, some of it necessarily wordy. In addition, the flight check-in project presented the challenge that the user would be taken from the Mobile Rearden Personal Assistant to an airline website to complete the check-in, as well as the fact that not all airlines supported mobile check-in. IPhone Push presented the limitation that pretty much every notification would be truncated in the iPhone message box.

In all cases information was only shown if it was active. In other words, no placeholder texts such as "All systems go!" The only exception was for the flight check-in functionality, which was deemed to be a differentiating feature of the product which should be as visible as possible. In that case, when an airline, airport and flight allowed mobile check-in then a message would be displayed in the flight details which said that it would be available one hour before check-in. Once within the proper time window, the user was shown a message that it was available which served as a link to the check-in process. To circumvent any confusion by the fact that they would be taken away from the application, the user was first shown a screen that explained what was going to happen next, with a link to proceed. For the Push project, a detailed functional flowchart needed to be created to clearly describe the functionality. Placement and logic for the Flight Notification Enhancements were identified so that they were contextually relevant, both in time and placement for the user.